8 thoughts on “EC&I 830 – Summary of Learning

  1. Wahooo, congrats Tracy! While you are finished, this was the first of my graduate classes. What a way to end for you, and start for me! I agree with all your final thoughts. The push is definitely there for education to catch up with our digital world. The more we can have educators like you in the classroom who are consistently shifting their understanding, the better off our students will be. Congratulations again and best wishes on all your future endeavors.

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  2. Hi Tracy, Congrats on finishing your degree. I am in the same boat and oh so happy to have more time for my family.
    During your summary, one of the first points you had was that we need to be purposeful in the technology we use. Exactly!! I am trying to do this more and more with everything including tech. I am starting to ask myself why and what are the benefits for the students, myself, and the learning I want to come from it. I am even doing this when I take the kids outside. Such an important point.Thanks


  3. I agree with apprehensive in the debate format with so many classmates. Like you, I found it to be an excellent way to indulge in the topics. Your final thoughts are something I hope to see in the future of classrooms and technology. Congrats Tracy on completing your Masters. I also am complete and looking forward to use my new knowledge and skills in my classroom.


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