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Online Education – An option for some! Debate #8

This is it! Debate #8! The final debate! It’s also my final class of my Masters! Thanks to Kim for inspiring me to try something new. So here goes. My first and last (at least for now) Podcast! Featuring myself Tracy Krenbrink and my daughter Addy! If you don’t have time to give it aContinue reading “Online Education – An option for some! Debate #8”

Who’s Responsible? Debate #7

This semester has flown by! It doesn’t feel like it should be our last round of debates but here we are! Monday’s first debate was whether Educators and Schools have a responsibility to help their students develop a digital footprint. On the Agree side Rae & Funmiloa and on the Disagree side Gertrude & Kim.Continue reading “Who’s Responsible? Debate #7”

Do cellphones have a place in Schools?

Another great debate! Both the agree team Echo, Lovepreet & Amanpreet and the disagree team Leona, Reid & Bret made solid arguments for why cellphones should or should not be banned in schools! Here’s a few of the Key Points! Agree Cellphones are addictive and distracting Cellphones are currently being banned in many places aroundContinue reading “Do cellphones have a place in Schools?”

Proceed with Caution – Debate #5

Is Social Media ruining childhood? Here’s a quick recap of the main points discussed in Debate #5. The Agree Team, Fasiha, Gunpreesh, and Dami discussed a lot of valid concerns about children using social media which are included in the picture to the right. In addition to concerns around addiction, distraction, and mental health, theContinue reading “Proceed with Caution – Debate #5”

Social Media & Social Activism

I went into Monday’s debate confident in my agree stance….Of course teachers have a responsibility to use technology and social media to promote social justice but after the debate I changed my vote and this is why! “Participating in social activism is, first and foremost, the right thing to do!”  Ashley Reid & Katie SehlContinue reading “Social Media & Social Activism”

Reinventing Education or Status Quo? Debate 3

A quick recap of Monday night’s heated debate on Schools should no longer teach skills that can be easily carried out by technology (e.g., cursive writing, multiplication tables, spelling). The agree team, Sushmeet and Leah, argued that we should eliminate teaching skills such as cursive writing, spelling and multiplication facts that can be done easilyContinue reading “Reinventing Education or Status Quo? Debate 3”