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My Summary of Learning…So Much Learning!

I can’t believe I am at the end of my EC&I 833 journey! I registered for this class after being overwhelmed and frustrated with technology during my 3 month stint teaching online. I wanted to feel more comfortable with the technology I was using and knew I had some learning to do. And did IContinue reading “My Summary of Learning…So Much Learning!”

My Classroom “less” experience with Quizziz!

Last week Dalton, Matt and Trevor provided us with an informative, humorous, hands on presentation that highlighted some current web based assessment tools. Some of the assessment tools we experimented with included Quizizz, Formative, Socrative, and Knowledge Hook! Like Megan, I too am Classroom “less”! As an LRT who primarily works with K-3 students, IContinue reading “My Classroom “less” experience with Quizziz!”

The Dilemma with Social Media

After hearing lots of buzz regarding The Social Dilemma I knew I wanted to watch it BUT life got in the way! I was thankful that this week’s Blog post gave me a push to press play! According to Netflix: “The documentary-drama hybrid explores the dangerous human impacts of social networking, with tech experts soundingContinue reading “The Dilemma with Social Media”

What I learned during my stint teaching online during a Pandemic….

“Distance education or distance learning commonly refers to formal education offerings where instructor and learner are physically separated and where learners can study appropriately designed materials at a place, time and pace of their own choosing.” Margaret Haughey, The Canadian Encyclopedia I appreciated that Amanda started last week’s presentation by highlighting that our stint asContinue reading “What I learned during my stint teaching online during a Pandemic….”

Is Single-tasking really the new Multi-tasking? October 18, 2020

“If you asked me about the last time I did a thing and just did it and wasn’t also trying to do something else…..I couldn’t tell ya.” James Hamblin, Single-tasking Is the New Multitasking, YouTube I clicked on James Hamblin’s video this week at work and without another thought I replied to a text, openedContinue reading “Is Single-tasking really the new Multi-tasking? October 18, 2020”

Education, Engagement, Entertainment

“We now know that “Sesame Street” encourages children to love school only if school is like “Sesame Street.” Which is to say, we now know that “Sesame Street” undermines what the traditional idea of schooling represents.” Neil Postman, Amusing Ourselves to Death, 1985 I’m going to be honest I didn’t watch “Sesame Street” as aContinue reading “Education, Engagement, Entertainment”

Behaviorism? Cognitivism? Constructivism? Connectivism?

I loved reading about the different learning theories this week and reflecting on how they influence my own practice! As I read about each theory I found myself comparing how different teaching and learning look for my own children and in the classrooms I work in versus when I was a student! Like Matt mentioned,Continue reading “Behaviorism? Cognitivism? Constructivism? Connectivism?”

Educational Technology – Not Just Assistive Tech

My K-12 school experience involved a typical 90’s Ed Tech experience. A highlight of elementary school was the teacher wheeling the TV cart into class; especially on a Friday afternoon! A much less exciting educational technology was the overhead projector. No joke, I have memories of hand cramps from copying countless pages of notes fromContinue reading “Educational Technology – Not Just Assistive Tech”